iNA-Social DeFi Token

iNA wants to build DeFi with a social sharing economy approach. iNA targets rapid community growth, long-term sustainable projects and broad benefits to global society.

what has happened

We want iNA 2.0 Token have a role in changing the world more better. We want iNA 2.0 Token also can change the lives of all holders.

Covid-19 Charity

Wa are giving 50 trillion iNA token to institutions that are struggling to deal with the Covid-19 in Indonesia.

Legal Colaboration

Strategy of collaborating with various countries to iNA token can be accepted. We handed over 50 Trillion to Indonesia

ina Diamond

People driven, token burning, gov collabo, promotion, huge project will make iNA value to the moon.

ina Next Step

Here’s a event in the near future. Keep watching, use it as a reference for your decision to invest in iNA 2.0. We will update regularly. You can also look at the Events page.

iNA 2.0 Burn

35% Token Burn on 21 September 2021.

iNA Groopis

We launched groopis as great platform for DeFi community, users earn points from their groopis activity and points can be exchanged for iNA Tokens.


Introducing iRANIUM. This is our vision, building a blockchain, which is cheaper, faster, more functional.

How to GET ina 2.0

iNA 2.0 Token Contract : 0x9F39bc8584b379c2163441dCf728348727916941

Buy Private (22Sept-27 Oct 2021) Open Now.

Buy on Presale  Cooming Soon

Get Free. iNA Airdrop (1-7 Nov 2021) Cooming Soon

Pancakeswap Listing (7 Nov 2021 ) Cooming Soon

long term project

iNA Token has a mission to reach many people to have iNA as their digital property. A long-term project to become the pillar of support for the value of iNA.

iNA Groopis

Social DeFi community platform that focuses on community growth and widespread use of iNA Tokens. Equipped with NFT Marketplace features.


iNARIUM provides an cheap, fast and broadly functional blockchain solution.


DEX swap Platform that will bring tokenomics to all of crypto on it's platform.

Keep update with Us!

iNA Token Official Wallet

As a form of transparency, we want everyone to know the transactions of the wallets related to the iNA Token.

iNA Token Private Sale

Get iNA 2.0 as early as. Cheap Fast and secure transactions.

TAXIe Super App

Taxie Super App is an application platform for Ride Hiling, Food & packet Delivery,

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