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iNA Token Oct-Nov 2021 Report

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iNA Token Project Plan, Event, Market Report Priode Oct-Nov 2021


Thank you for your trust in the iNA token and project series. We schedule project plans, events and market information reports for iNA Token and Token series holders. Our goal is the growth of token holders by multiplying platforms that will stimulate the use of the token series. iNA Token Contract : 0x9F39bc8584b379c2163441dCf728348727916941

Completed Tasks 

In September we designed the iNA Token, a series and token series project that is part of the iNA Token. Next we launched iNA Token in October. To support funding, we distribute tokens through private sales and presales. But unfortunately the results of the private sale and presale are very small, not reaching 2 BNB. This does not make the iNA Token team stop its activities and mission. Then We launched iNA Token on pancakeswap on 6 Nov 2021 with a small LP so that we ran out of LP on the first day due to many surprise transactions. Many people are skeptical because of the small number of LPs, we admit this will make people suspicious of the iNA Token project. To solve the LP problem, we held a Lock IDO sale, the results of which will be included in the pancake swap LP. But we emphasize here, the iNA Token project will continue with innovation and future plans.

The next iNA Token has:

– Verifying Smart Contracts in BSC Scan

– Verify iNA Token Info, social at BSC Scan

– iNA token website and Smart contract audited by Bitrise

– Burn Token up to 36% at start

– Launched social platform

– Distributed airdrop #1 to participants.

– Listing of iNA Tokens in:


– Reach 1000 TG members

– Reach 1000 Followers Tw

– Reach 100 Holder of iNA Token

Project Plan

We would like to explain our focus in the following iNA Token project. Our goal is the growth of token holders by multiplying platforms that will stimulate the use of the token series. The following is the iNA Token and Token Series Project Plan: ($Groop)

Groopis is a Social Defi Community platform and NFT Marketplace. On this platform we have completed Social basic Features. Then have completed the iNA Token reward feature through groopis points for users. Next we are working on the Groopis lite application so that mobile users can more easily enjoy groopis. The next task is to create an NFT marketplace and increase the number of groopis users. ($Taxie)

There has been no further development on this platform due to our busy schedule with the launch of the iNA Token and the application. We make sure that the work on, The Ride Hailing Defi will be in accordance with the roadmap plan. ($VACA)

Vacamoon is a vacation defi platform. We want to help crypto asset holders take a vacation with their crypto assets, as well as hosts can spend crypto with their products and services. This is a follow-up project and we have not included it in the iNA Token Paper or Roadmap.


The following events will be held by iNA Token in the future: 

  • November 2021, Burning $iNA Token up to 500T (50%)
  • November-December 2021, Launches Token series : $GROOP and $VACA 
  • November 2021, Whitelist and Private sale $GROOP and $VACA
  • November-December 2021,  $iNA Token Lock IDO sale
  • November 2021, Distribution of Airdrop #2 for participants


This report will take up the condition of the iNA Token ($iNA) market, this is because only the iNA Token we have just released. It started with the launch of iNA Token on DEX Pancakeswap on November 6, 2021. The first day $iNA recorded a record ATH $0.000000018551 Up +111.78%. This increase was stopped because the trader experienced an error when making a transaction due to a shortage of LP. 

At the beginning we intend to be aware of the rugpul activities that may be carried out by early holders of $iNA. This error also occurs due to a technical problem with SC $iNA. The next day After we managed to solve the problem, the price of $iNA tokens decreased due to the sell-off action, this condition persists to this day. Hopefully the upcoming events and the launch of the new platform will increase the buyback of $iNA.