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What is the iNA DeFi Smart Cycle?

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To support the growth of the iNA Defi community, we designed a smart DeFi cycle.

The iNA Smart DeFi Cycle is a smart way of token distribution to support the development of the iNA DeFi community and project. We briefly explain based on the infographic above. 

Users use the iNA platform and get token rewards. We have a limited stock of reward tokens, so we need regular purchases and this will support the token price in the market. 

Then where do we get the funds to buy tokens? The answer is Platforms. Each platform not only provides benefits for users, but also benefits for us. So that owners and users get mutual benefits and this is a supporting factor for the development of iNA Defi Community.

Each platform has features aimed at stimulating the use of tokens as payments and investments. For example, on the groopis platform, the NFT marketplace feature has payment options with $iNA, $Groopis, $Taxie, $Palm, $Rice and $iNARIUM. Users can buy and sell with these options.